Robotic Cleaning Systems (RCS). Specialising in high level assignments with a wealth of experience in excess of twenty years.

Architects are designing more and more dramatic high-rise offices and hotels. Their dynamic vision now enhances every city in the western world.

To maintain the splendour of these monuments of design and civil engineering they must be kept in pristine condition. And yet, to date, most are being cleaned by men dangling off ropes and using soap and water, and a squeegee!

RCS has carried out substantial research and development around the world to find a better answer than that which is presently being offered to FM companies and Building Managers.

We are able to work with engineering departments of leading universities to find the best of modern robotics and AI to provide answers for our clients, and this is an ongoing process of improved development.

We look to provide a truly international service and are recruiting talent to take our robotic and automated services to a world market.

As fast as we clean these high-rise buildings they start to get dirty again, but we have developed methodologies that will allow greater periods between cleans than most of the methods in use today.

Our aim is to provide a safe and cost-effective answer to cleaning all high-rise buildings throughout the world.

Extensive range of professional cleaning services